Custom Built for You

At Fred Griffith, we listen to your needs and deliver the home of your dreams. Details, quality, and cost are given the attention they deserve because, in our opinion, it costs less to build it right the first time. Your new home will be unique, comfortable, and innovative. Most importantly, it will be an investment that you will be proud of.

  • Design-Build Program Packages
  • Lock-and-Key Packages
  • Cost-Plus Packages
  • Homeowner Self-Contracting Program

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New House Plans

Fred Griffith will work with you in a variety of ways to create your dream home.

  • Utilize plans you provide and discuss any modifications to meet your needs.
  • Complete Design/Build by utilizing our resources for a fee
  • We partner with your architect and designer to create a custom home design for a fee

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New Home Process

At Fred Griffith, we will work with you every step of the way, from the Design to the Building process. From top to bottom, small to large scale, we pay attention to detail and go the extra mile for our clients. With 35-plus years of experience and a team of talented craftsmen, we've earned a reputation for creating special places called home. Our mission is to provide cost-effective, high-quality homes while maintaining an enjoyable customer experience throughout the process.

All Fred Griffith projects meet and exceed the governing building code, which distinguishes us as a quality builder. We welcome new homes of all sizes, from a secondary home to a large home for a growing family.

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New Home Construction

Our process, when followed, will assure you an exciting experience while watching your new home created from breaking ground to the finishing touches.

Stage 1: First Meeting. Visit your home to discuss your budget, your selections, and your floor plans and assess your site.

Stage 2: Develop Specifications and Plans working with you. When we provide Plan or Interior Design services, a fee is required.

Stage 3: Proposal: When you decide to move forward, a proposal is submitted based on the Specifications and Plans.

Stage 4: Sales Agreement. We present you with an Agreement based on your specifications, which may be modified as the job progresses. An initial deposit is required at signing.

Stage 5: Pre-construction. While in the beginning stages, you will finalize some design selections while we pre-order the primary and special order materials to get started. We will provide a tentative construction schedule to keep you up to date and involved in the process.

Stage 6: Foundation. The foundation stage involves clearing, grading, and constructing the foundation of your home.

Stage 7: Framing. This is included in the rough-in framing of your home. Floors, walls, stairs, and the roof will be constructed with exterior sheathing and felt on the roof decking.

Stage 8: Exterior Finishes. This includes installing windows and doors, siding, masonry brick or stone. From the exterior, your house will begin to look like a home.

Stage 9: Mechanical. At this point, aspects such as wiring and plumbing will be completed and roughed-in, with duct work, pipes, and wires exposed.

Stage 10: Insulation. Gaps will be sealed, and insulation will be installed on the interior and exterior walls keeping outside air outside and the inside temperature comfortable.

Stage 11: Interior Finishes. This is when your walls and ceilings will be covered with drywall and finish materials: interior doors and trim are installed, including shelving, cabinets, countertops, mirrors, and flooring. The plumbers and electricians will return to complete their jobs; faucets and toilets, light fixtures, and appliances will be put in place.

Stage 12: Landscaping. This step identifies the beginning of the end. Your yard is formed including the hardscape consisting of the driveway, walkways, patios, and decks. Next, the irrigation, plants such as trees and shrubs, and turf are installed.

Stage 13: Pre-completion. While the landscaping is being completed, final inspections are conducted. If any issues are encountered, they are corrected before moving to the next stage. Once any remedies are made, all remaining construction materials and debris are removed, and the home is cleaned and ready for completion.

Stage 14: Occupancy. Before you occupy the home, you will do a final walk around the house and have mechanical systems and appliances explained to you. Minor issues, including paint touch-ups, can also be requested at this stage. A few days after the walk-through, the final touch-ups will be complete, and you're ready to move in when your final payment is agreed upon.

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